Street Lights

 are designed to replace all existing street lights along with the advantages of instant siwtch off – switch on and uniform distribution of light. They are robust, thus do not get damaged easily. They are used as outdoor luminaries for roads, compound of hotels, open complexes etc.

Spot Lights

are used to replace all types of traditional focus-indoor luminaries such as fluorescent and halogen.  Spots lights are used in hotels, conference room, showrooms, exhibitions, restaurants, offices etc. MR 16 Parameters:  

Solar Power Systems

Large-scale off-grid solar power system can be used to fulfill energy needs for all purposes at home. Nowadays these type of system are used across the globe to suffice power needs at both regular and energy scarce places such as remote villages, telecommunication infrastructures, scenic resorts, villas, island armies, school, hospital, private houses etc.

PLC Lights

 are designed to replace traditional CFL in existing downlighters and panels. PLC lights are suitable for offices, showrooms, hospitals and all kind of commercial complexes.


are replacements of all incandescent and fluorescent based ceiling lights. Rosette offers conceal as well as surface type ceiling panels that are suitable for regular and retrofit usage. These panels are especially designed in round, square and rectangular shapes, enabling them to be used almost anywhere, such as: household, offices, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, commercial complexes,…

Flood Lights

 are designed to use as outdoor and indoor luminaries at construction sites, warehouses, studios, sports  stadiums, industrial complexes, parking areas etc. It can be used as façade lights in hotels.