Does Rosette offer OEM Service?

Yes, we do offer OEM Services. Many wholesaler & importers choose our company for such services.

Is OEM service free?

Yes. We do offer OEM Service for free, but there is Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for LED Lights OEM service:

  • Logo on LED Light body, MOQ: 500 Pcs
  • Logo on LED Light packing box & body, MOQ: 500 Pcs
  • Customized packing box, MOQ: 1000 Pcs

Note: If you have specific design requirements, please feel free to contact us

What’s the process of applying to OEM services?

  1. Share your logo and design with us
  2. Approve the final prints
  3. We do silk-screen printing on the LED Lights
  4. We process the order and ship it to you

When we ship?

Generally, we need 10 working days to finish the small orders, 15 working days to finish medium order, for larger order (more than 1000 Pcs. with OEM),  we need about 20 working days or longer to finish it. once we finish the order, we will give the goods to our forwarder, then the order start to ship.

How the order is delivered?

China EMS  (shipping time about 7 days)

HK EMS    (shipping time about 5 days)

HK DHL   (shipping time about 2~4 days)

HK UPS    (shipping time about 2~4 days)

Air Shipping (shipping time about 7 ~15 days)

Sea Shipping (shipping time about 10 ~30 days)

Where can we ship?

Generally, we can ship our products to every country, our customers are from everywhere in the world

America: United States (Every state), Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, etc.

Europe:  UK, Germany, France, Italy, Malta, Russia, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, etc

Asia-Pacific:  Australia, New Zealand, French Polynesia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Israel, Turkey, Iran, Cyprus, India, etc.

Africa: South Africa, Egypt, etc.


1. We ship our goods all with the help of our logistics partner. Once we finish the order, we initiate the shipping with , then our forwarder will hand the goods to the shipping company (EMS/DHL/UPS/TNT etc.), in this situation, forwarder need 1~2 days to transfer the goods, so you can see the tracking result on the website in the next day or after 2 days after we tell you the waybill number number. if we ship goods on the Saturday, you may see the tracking result on the next Monday

2. for China EMS or HK EMS, you can track it with the waybill number,
China EMS tracking number format: EE123456789CN

HK EMS tracking number format: EA123456789HK

3. for UPS or DHL or TNT, you can not track it with the waybill number, there should be another related tracking number after we ship.

UPS waybill Number format: H123 4567 890 .

UPS related tracking number format: 1Z123F0E0456789012 (the tracking number available on the next day afternoon after we ship)

DHL waybill Number format: 890 1234 567

DHL related tracking number format: 3325123456 (the tracking number available on the next day afternoon after we ship)

if we ship your order on Saturday, we can give you the related tracking number on the next Monday.

If you have problem on tracking, please feel free to contact us for help.

How to Order?

Ordering with Rosette is simple:

  1. Send us your requirements
  2. We deliver Performa Invoice with you
  3. Process the payment
  4. Make to Order initiated
  5. Adequate testing done
  6. Shipping initiated
  7. Shipping information shared with you
  8. Product delivered.

How to Pay Us?

You can pay us by paypal, western union and T/T.

What certificates does Rosette have?

Rosettes has CE, RoHS, SGS, CCC.etc. In case you need these certificates, please let us know and we share it with you. However, we only share this with our clients.

What's Rosette's replacement policy

We do offer replacements on manufacturing defects and defects that has caused during the warranty period. We do not offer replacements for goods that are misplaced during transit, or that are physically damaged or if the products has been tempered.
We also do not replace in case there is a damage caused by customs or goods confiscated  by customs

MOQ & OEM services?

Logo on packing box or customized packing box, MOQ is 500 sets

Do you accept cash on delivery?

No, we only accept 100% affront payment before we ship

Is price inclusive of customs duty?

No, we can not control your customs, you need to pay duty by yourself in your country.

How does the wide temperature tolerance expand their application?

LED work more efficiently in cold temperature and their life is extended since the cold air offers a passive heat absorption mechanism. This gives LED an advantage in various applications like ice-skating rings / tracks, refrigeration applications, public places in colder countries.

How do I know a light fitting is safe?

In Europe, every light fitting must have a CE label. This tells you that the seller claims that the fitting conforms to all the relevant European safety standards. The most important of these is EN 60598 which covers electrical, thermal and mechanical safety.