LEDs consumes only fraction of power while producing the same amount of light as conventional lighting. LEDs thus can save a considerable amount of money for the users, and since they last long, the savings adds up each year.

Buy once and Forget. LED chips (a specific combinatorics of Light emitting diodes) and fixtures have a lifespan of up to 20 years, because they are more resistant to vibrations and shocks, thus making them more durable and difficult to break.

The savings that you will make from your electricity bill  will quickly cover the initial investment that you have made during purchase. You’ll ideally recover your cost within 1.5 years, and saving thereafter goes directly in your pocket.

Electricity prices have risen considerably in the past and could rise even more dramatically in the future. LED lamps, ‘watt-for-watt’ are the the most energy efficient form of lighting, thus results in immense saving going forward.


LEDs have at least 4 times less environmental impact through the course of their life-cycle than alternative lamp technology. Since they need use less energy, less electricity needs to be produced by coal, gas or nuclear.

Traditional luminaries loose nearly 95% of energy while producing heat, whereas LED Luminaries only waste around 5%. This not only indicates a huge amount of energy waste, but also an increased use of air-conditioning in hotter climates.